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Welcome to Sweers Island


Sweers is a birdwatchers paradise, with nearly 100 species of birds recorded so far. With no feral animals on the island, the birds are very tame and easy to study. Bush Stone-curlews wander around the dining area at night and Bustards (Plain Turkey) are often seen during the day time.

Curlew with eggs Curlew with chick Handfeeding wild birds

A shy mother Curlew guards her eggs, then shows her well camouflaged little chick
that the folk on Sweers are not a threat while a Bustard looks on...

The Rose-crowned Fruit Dove, which was previously unrecorded in this area, nests on the island and can often be seen near the Resort area. Sea-Eagles and Ospreys nest here and Brolgas can often be seen performing their courtship dance.

Sea Eagle Soaring Rose-crowned Fruit Dove Dancing Brolgas

Our logo bird - The White-bellied Sea Eagle - soars majestically; the Rose-crowned Fruit Dove
is parrot-bright in its colours; and the Brolgas dance like nobody is watching...

Mangrove Whistler Bustard in Chicken Yard Osprey Fledgling

A colourful Mangrove Whistler clings to a tree; a Turkey joins the Chickens for supper;
a young Osprey flexes his wings, nearly ready to fly...

Click Here to download a copy of our Bird List
which you can print out and bring with you to "tick off" all the birds you see while you are here!