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Welcome to Sweers Island

Safety Information

Gulf waters are dangerous as conditions can change rapidly. Glass calm at 5pm can turn to 25 knot gale conditions by 10pm. Our boats are sturdy 4.7metre catamarans built by Borger Alloy NQ Cats in Ingham, powered by four-stroke 40 hp Yamaha outboards and conform to the M.S.Q. survey standards. If you are planning to travel to Sweers Island in a private boat please ensure that the skipper is experienced in open waters, and that all regulation radios, safety gear and navigation equipment are carried.

It is the skipper's responsibility to check fuel before leaving to ensure there is sufficient for the journey.

Please check BOM website for weather conditions and please phone us before departure to establish a SARtime. FATALITIES HAVE OCCURED IN THIS AREA.

The local Water Police vessel on one of its impromptu patrols

On arrival you will be given a comprehensive briefing on the boats, safety and the best fishing spots. If you have a few minutes to spare, we urge you to have a read of the SAFETY NOTES below or print them out to read later, so you can be familiar with your vessel and equipment when you get here.

Click HERE for General Safety Rules

Click HERE for Safety Checklist

Click HERE for Emergency Procedures in event of engine failure