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Welcome to Sweers Island

Sweers Fishing Adventures

Sweers Island has miles of golden beaches, blue waters, a wealth of history, and a huge variety of bird life. Although it is a fisherman's paradise, it offers enjoyment for the whole family. Sweers is located in Australia's southern Gulf of Carpentaria approximately 30 km off the coast, directly north of Burketown. The island is surrounded by acres of rock reef, with some coral, much of which has never seen a fishing line. You can fly-fish off the beach or troll from the boat. We cater for keen fishing groups and families. You're welcome to visit for the day or stay as long as you like. As well as fishing, you can explore the island's history, swim off the sandy beaches, and enjoy the rich birdlife and marine life.

Burke Shire Council, Doomadgee Council, Mornington Island and Sweers Island have now been declared PANDEMIC CONTROL AREAS.
This means that all travel to and from Sweers Island is prohibited, as we are part of Mornington Shire and currently free from the virus.
Over the coming days we will contact guests already booked in, to discuss future options/deposits etc.

For those wondering if we are "still open for Easter..." No, we are not. This includes those flying their own aircraft or who have their own boat. All mainland refuelling points are in Lockdown. Boatramps at Burketown and Karumba are closed. All roads into these Gulf communities are closed with roadblocks in place. Helicopters will be patrolling the NT border. This might sound dramatic and apocalyptic but it is the only way to protect the vulnerable Gulf communities which have a high rate of chronic medical conditions, and elderly residents, making us all High Risk for infection or transmission, as there are NO medical facilities here to deal with any cases that occur.
Sweers Island is currently free from CoronaVirus. We want to keep it this way so that we can welcome guests back, once things adjust to the "new normal".
Please be patient and Do Not travel to the islands as we cannot afford the risk of infection in our vulnerable Gulf Community. There are NO medical facilities in this wilderness area. We understand that not everyone is going to catch this virus and most will only have a mild reaction to it. But if you travel, you could be unwittingly spreading it in an area that has NO resources to deal with it.
Stay home, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates, and hopefully we will see you all back here in a few months' time...And remember to wash your hands!

view of resort buildings

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